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Things we are excited about

September 23

Julia is super excited to speak at the Bernstein conference in Berlin

September 23

Chocka attends the EMBO LINdoscope workshop in Magdeburg

August 23

Chocka attends the Systems Vision Science Symposium in Tübingen

August 23

Chocka goes to the i-Bio Summer School:  Advanced Computational Analysis for Behavioral
and Neurophysiological Recordings in Banyuls-sur-Mer, France

July 23

Chocka and Julia attend the amazing Gordon conference on inhibition in the CNS in Les Diablerets. Tons of great science and tons of great hikes! And foosball!!

May 23

Paula Zimmer joins for a three-month internship! Welcome! 

March 23

Chocka, David and Julia are attending the Göttingen meeting. Chocka and David present their posters on Wednesday and Thursday! Come by! 

March 23

Julia is giving the Neurobiology Seminar in Fribourg, Switzerland! Back to the roots, nearly 10 years after my defense!

February 23

Jesús Hernandez joins for a rotation! Welcome!

January 23

Julia gives a talk at the CIN exchanges in Tübingen. Great fun talking to the IMPRS Ph.D. students and meeting old and new friends

January 23

Effat Salehi Far joins as a research assistant! Welcome!

November 22

Prejwal Prabhakaran joins for a lab rotation! Welcome! 

November 22

David and Julia will be at SfN in San Diego. Check out David's poster 469.17. on Tuesday morning!

October 22

Julia's paper "Cortical VIP neurons locally control the gain but globally control the coherence of gamma band rhythms" was accepted in Neuron!

October 22

Yue Kris Wu from Julijana Gjorgjievas lab receives an Add-on fellowship from the Joachim Herz foundation to collaborate with us on the role of interneurons in switching network states. Congratulations! Looking forward to working together!

September 22

David is presenting at the Ernst Strüngmann Institut in Frankfut

September 22

Chocka is accepted to the Allen Institute Neuropixels and OpenScope Workshop in Seattle! Congratulations!

July 22

Julia is going to the Emmy Noether-Treffen in Potsdam

July 22

The entire lab is at the symposium: Neuronal Representation - "From Synapses & Microcircuits to Behaviour" in Freiburg. Amazing science right next door! 

May 22

Milla Eriksson is born! Congratulations!

May 22

Julia is presenting at FRIAS Colloquium Natural & Life Sciences

April 22

Julia is presenting at the ESI Talks

March 22

Julia is going to be at Cosyne in Lisbon. Excited about real-life interactions and actual poster sessions.

December 21

Julia is excited to speak at the wonderful general public lecture series  "Wege zur Erforschung des Gehirns"

September 21

Chocka is attending the Neurex Summer School: "Advanced Tools for Data Analysis in Neuroscience" in Strasbourg, France

March 2021

Julia is speaking in the Symposium "Modulation and plasticity of inhibition in neocortical circuits" at the virtual Göttingen meeting of the German neuroscience society

October 2020

Veit lab officially opens! Dr. David Eriksson and Chockalingam Ramanathan join the lab as the first postdoc and Ph.D. student, respectively. Welcome!

March 2020

Joris Veit is born! Welcome!

December 2019

Julia is giving the Bernstein seminar

October 2019

Julia is presenting at the Freiburg Neuro Retreat. Great way to get to know the Freiburg neuroscience community!

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